‘Aba-Geda’s ‘ugaz’s and Society elders should play their big role to ensure sustainable peace

Higher officials of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) discussed with ‘Aba-Geda’s, ‘ugaz’s and religious leaders of Dire-Dawa administration on sustainable peace.


The major agenda of the discussion was to find sustainable solution for the conflict took place in the near past that threatened the mutual cooperation, solidarity and tolerance of Dire-Dawa community.

The participants addressed that the conflict do not represent the Oromo and Somali people. They indicated that the conflict was orchestrated by certain destructive parties and some individuals in government structure are involved.

The participants noted a consensus has been made to compensate the victims of the conflict and took responsibility to react before such conflicts happen again between Oromo and Somali people.

The ODP officials on their side responded to the raised questions saying; “the conflict is organized by those who are willing to curb the ongoing change of the nation.” Additionally they stressed that all participant have responsibility to ensure sustainable peace in the city. Since the peace in Dire-Dawa determines that of the surrounding area.

The news source is Dire-Dawa Administration Government Communication Bureau.

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