Dire Dawa hosts National League Sport Competition

A total of 24 Foot Ball teams are clashing at the new Dire Dawa Stadium which received recognition from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the continents football governing body, last February to host international competitions. 

DSC 2490City Mayor Assed Ziad announced in his welcoming speech that the nationwide plan to develop sports industry - and get people profit from it in turn is crucial.

Dire Dawa, commonly known as “THE QUEEN CITY OF THE DAESERT” have been selected from the football clubs in the national league since the last couple of decades, he mentioned.

The City Administration said the industry can thrive by pushing foreign investment, cutting red tape, and encouraging a new generation of sports enthusiasts.

Sports industry has become the new source of national economic growth and it becomes increasingly important in such aspects as enlarging domestic demands, offering employment positions, etc. At this critical point, the

Mayor Assed calls for the public at large are responsible to find out some countermeasures from the balance point between developing sports industry and satisfying popular needs, and make sports industry have a healthy and sustainable development.

According to the announcement, developing sport will help improve people’s heath and livelihoods. It will also increase employment and boost economic growth in the longrun.

This is not the first time when the eastern city of Ethiopia hosted an international match. When Ethiopia organized the 10th African Cup of Nations in 1976, the humid city of Dire Dawa hosted group matches.

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