‘Aba-Geda’s ‘ugaz’s and Society elders should play their big role to ensure sustainable peace

Higher officials of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) discussed with ‘Aba-Geda’s, ‘ugaz’s and religious leaders of Dire-Dawa administration on sustainable peace.


The major agenda of the discussion was to find sustainable solution for the conflict took place in the near past that threatened the mutual cooperation, solidarity and tolerance of Dire-Dawa community.

The participants addressed that the conflict do not represent the Oromo and Somali people. They indicated that the conflict was orchestrated by certain destructive parties and some individuals in government structure are involved.

The participants noted a consensus has been made to compensate the victims of the conflict and took responsibility to react before such conflicts happen again between Oromo and Somali people.

The ODP officials on their side responded to the raised questions saying; “the conflict is organized by those who are willing to curb the ongoing change of the nation.” Additionally they stressed that all participant have responsibility to ensure sustainable peace in the city. Since the peace in Dire-Dawa determines that of the surrounding area.

The news source is Dire-Dawa Administration Government Communication Bureau.

70 million birr coble stone road construction is on action

Dire-Dawa administration office of city manager announced that is implementing 70 million birr coble stone road construction which is basic activity to realize socio-economic development in Dire-Dawa city.


The beneficiaries and partners of constructed coble stone road bear witness that the project has great significance in creating job opportunity and improving social interaction among the society.

According to Development Plan Budget Preparation and follow-up coordinator in Dire-Dawa city manager office, Ato Efrem Tesfaye, the administration is implementing 20 kilo meter coble stone road in all nine kebele with World Bank loan since last year.

The last year construction accomplished with 42.6 million birr is giving service and showing positive effect on social interaction of the community.

Ato Efrem added that 8 kilo meter coble stone road construction is underway in nine kebeles including ‘Melka Jebdu’ in 30 million 2 hundred thousand birr this year.

The project created job opportunity for 60 associations; who embrace 6 hundred members engaged in providing and fixing coble stone.

One of the beneficiaries Ato. Muhyeddin Seman said, all ten members of their association changed their life and of families by the provided job opportunity. The association planned to engage in bakery business by getting additional loan on the saved capital and waiting the provision of business place.

The construction has improved the ‘Sabiyan’ area into healthy environment in which children and aged people can move comfortably. Mrs.Aziza Bekri , resident in kebele 02 witnessed that taxi service is available due to the presence of the road.

On the contrary resident of ‘Melka Jebdu’ kebele Mr. Mohammed Hussen commented that, the road project in the area is delayed while enough stone is already made available. Thus, deserves strong follow-up. He added that the previous road collapsed in pretext of implementing infrastructure projects without rehabilitation and has to protect the ‘will be’ constructed road from such risk.

Ato. Efrem Tesfaye, Development Plan Budget Preparation and follow-up coordinator in Dire-Dawa city manager office responded; the delay occurred due to absence of coordination and the contractors have signed new contact that eliminates delay of the project. In addition the reconstruction of the previous road is on the way.

Coble stone road is introduced by Dire-Dawa in 1997 E.C. Presently this type of road construction can be observed in almost all parts of the Ethiopia.

Tourist sites should be rehabilitated to mobilize more revenue from the sector

‘’World Tourism day’’ celebrated by different events in Dire-Dawa administration. Dire-Dawa Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau; Office of culture and tourism, organized the event under title “Digital transformation for tourism development.”


World tourism day globally enjoyed for 39th round and nationally for 31th year.

The Dire-Dawa celebration program decorated with many activities such as sanitation, photo exhibition, a visit held to the tourist sites, Artistic awards. The camel race, the unique event indigenous to Dire-Dawa was also enjoyed by the community.

Mr. Murad Bedewi, Head of Culture and Tourism Office, acknowledged that development of tourist sites enables the city to collect better revenue from the sector, though there is visible change observed in the sector due to the administration’s effort in the past few years, the number of tourist is far to meet the deserved level.

Mr. Murad explained, we need to act cooperatively with stake holders and the community in order to identify and solve the vital problems of the tourism industry.

In addition, the administration must ensure the standard of tourist accommodation services.

The photo exhibition is well organized to display many features of the city. Some attendants of the exhibition said could better enhance the city’s image. More over the visit sites improved their information regarding the tourist attractions of Dire-Dawa city.

Dire-Dawa University announced the entrance date for 2011 New students to be Tekemet 15-18, 2011 E.C.

Dire-Dawa University is ready to welcome new students for 2011 E.C. Dr. Yared Mammo, President of Dire-Dawa university informed that the university is responsible for the well being of students as a family and committed to perform its duty in collaboration with concerning body.

IMG 7860

On the meeting attended by the Mayor, Ebrahim Usman, religious fathers, community elders, ‘Abba Geda’, and ‘Ugaz’ also various stake holders from city zone administration and ‘Mermersa’, discussed on peace.

The participants discussed on how to sustain the existing peace of the city. The second agenda focused on the welcome of the new students from various areas who belong to different religion, custom and life style and came to live in one environment; the university.

Mayor of Dire-Dawa administration, Ebrahim Usman said, the usual trend of seeking solution for happened problems is not effective. The administration organized the meeting recognizing the significance of proactive discussion with religious leaders and community elders before problems take place. The mayor said, their advice is critical to develop ethics, and collect input for implementation.

Dr. Yared Mamo, on his side explained, the welcome of the new students gets proper attention of the university and the administration.

The purpose of the meeting is to forward solution for the local and national peace disorder .Due to the conflict rose in different regions of the nation, many students and their families dislocated from their residential area, exposed to imprisonment, political, economical and social disorder. The university is ready to accommodate the students to the stable school environment. Likewise, the administration and the community are expected to welcome the students in good spirit and provide equal service.

The president acknowledged, the university does not operate as island. Thus every stake holder should cooperate on the welcome event.

Among participants commented that, in addition to academic courses teachers have to provide counseling to protect students from getting exposed to different drug addictions .Furthermore, applying serious measures on alcohol Bars and Shisha houses not to forget the regulation of transport price according to tariff.

Facilitating occasions for new students discuss with seniors also suggested to have positive impact.

Activist Johar Mohammed and Ethio-somali region vice president Mustefe Mohammed held peace discussion in Dire dawa

Activist Johar Mohammed and vice president of Ethio-Somali region , Mustefe Mohammed arrived dire –dawa on Sunday morning , “ugas” and “Aba Gada” and dwellers of the city presidented warm welcome leading them to Dire –dawa university .


On the opening of the discussion held in the university hall the mayor of Dire-Dawa, Ebrahim Usman said activist JOhar Mohammed and vice president of Ethio Somali, mustefe Mohammed are playing a vitaql role to the realization of human and democratic rights of citizens in our nation .

Activist Johar Mohammed on his enfluential tone addressed that the culture , tradition and life style of oromo and Somali people is the same and are children from one parent. And together have to cooperate on development of surrounding cities.

Vice president, mustefe Mohammed also gave stress that the two people are brothers inspite they have to resolve conflicts without any external interference as usual .following he added that ormo and Somalis, hand in hand should work to sustain peace leaving aside the chaos in the past .

Some participants commented that the two people lived in harmony for many countless period and impossible to separate. And there mutual relationship should be preserved.

After the peace discussion the team visited the dislocated Somali community .

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