Dire Dawa residents said the Emergency declaration is canceled at the right time

Due to political instability lasted for three years Ethiopia has been applying emergency declaration for the past three months passed by the House of Representatives. Following its denouncement the Dire Dawa community is expressing its feelings.


Ato Mukhtar Abrasha and W/o Selam Meteke residents in the city said , the peaceful transition has brought the previous peace and stability, and the government canceled the declaration on the right time and we are happy .

The residents added the cancelation will reactivate the implementation of the development and transformation plan at national and our administration level.

The declaration active from Megabit 24/2010 to Genbot 28/2010 has helped to restore peace while peaceful government transition.

They also added that the absence of good governance /has been the major headache and deserve immediate solution .

OPDO members and supporters demanded additional effort at grass root level on Monday June 4/2018 conference.

“OPDO need to strengthen its existing effort to the nation’s development and resolve the public problems by operating at grass root level.

IMG 9102

Public conference attended by members and pro supporters of OPDO/EPRDF in Dire-Dawa and surrounding areas held on Monday june 4,2018. Ato shimeles Kebede, chairperson of OPDO and EPRDF committee office in Dire-Dawa said, the conference held on critical period while the organization is performing the  national duty given by the people and striving to respond accordingly to the development need of the public with strong commitment.

 However, Mr, Shimeles acknowledged that fighting the still existing problems concerning good governance and rent seeking attitudes/ practices is also the duty of every resident citizen.

On the other hand, participants suggested, although the organization is operating through institutional transformation, must try hard to respond to youth unemployment and existing implementation gaps among  public institutions in Dire-Dawa administration by operating at grass root level.

In addition, noted that wide gaps exist among leaders of public institutions specially in observing and identifying problems of rural community at grass root level.

As a result, participants suggested the organization to replace/ change those by active and efficient public leaders/ administrators.

The higher officials of the conference assuring that the organization is committed to do its assignment, strongly demanded the continued and strong effort of the people concerning the resolution of public problems in meaningful way.  

Dwellers of the GendeRige Rural Keble have been Massively Participating in the Natural Resource Conservation Task

Dwellers  of the Gende- Rige Rural Keble of the Aseliso cluster have been massively Participates in the Natural Resource Conservation  task since last Saturday. The dwellers indicated that they are motivated because of the results they have achieved during the past years.

IMG 5347

These dwelled, who are carrying out the natural resource conservation tasks having been in 9 development groups, as now working day and night in order to solve the problems of drinking water by teeing up the pipeline that was broken duet continuants flooding with gabion trench.

In Gende-Rige rural kebele in this year’s natural resource conservation task, it has been planed to build a40 kilometer mountain terrace, to do gabion trench, to dig more than 22,000 seedling holes and to Perform other various tasks as well.

Dwellers of Gende Gebrea requested for the building of a canal

     In this year’s natural resource conservation task, the dwellers of gende gebrea of  the  aseliso cluster are performing various pond building and stream recovering tasks.


     According to the dwellers, due to the positive changes they have achieved from the natural resource conservation tasks they did during the past 6 years, their products and productivity has increased.

     The dwellers of gende gebrea stated that they have ensured food sustainability having relied on the then positive change. They in addition, requested the government for the building of protection canal that can rescue their farmlands from being washed away by sudden flood.      

Follow-up and support for fertile seas has been requested in the Natural Resource conservation task

This year’s water and natural resource conservation task in loge odda Gununfeta keble of the wahil cluster  is being carried out in away that could minimize the water shortage problem of the area.

IMG 5377

The dwellers of the lege odda Gununfeta rural Keble pointed that the result they have achieved through the natural resource conservation works in the past 6years has spring beard fort their motivated participation in this year’s conservation task.

They further requested all concerned bodies to forward the necessary support and follow-up at the side of making fertile areas sources of job opportunities for the youths.

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