The 7th round natural resource conservation task has been launched

The natural resource conservation task that is going to be carried out for the 7th time among the 38th rural kebeles of the Dire Dawa Administration has already been launched in the city of Bishan Behea.

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Concerning the start of the natural resource conservation task, Mayer of the Dire Dawa Administration , Ato Ibrahim Osman, pointed that leaders at all levels need to work hand in hand in order to enhance previously achieved results in particular and for the fulfillment of the current program in general.

In this 7th round natural resource conservation task, according to Ato Ibrahim, it has been planned to carry out soil and water conservation task on 4000 hectars of arid land. 

Huge textile factory will be opened in Dire Dawa

Weshi Numberone Textile Factory (WNTF), which is highly experienced in China and a leading business venture for the past 100 years in controlling the trade sector among 55 countries of the world, is planning an establishment in Dire Dawa that could manufacture and supply cotton as well as finished textile products to world market.


It has been pointed that the factory has used the country’s favorable investment opportunity policy as a spring board to start producing its supplies in Ethiopia.

WNTF, having taken 40 hectares of land at Dire Dawa Industry Park, placed a corner stone as to build a textile factory with a capital of 220,000,000 USD.

During the celebration, the representative of WNTF Ms. Zuyedon Said that the Ethiopian investment policy has opened favorable opportunities for establishing their first factory in Ethiopia out of China.  

The construction of this factory is held in two rounds and in the first round, when it is planted on 60,000 square meters of land with a capital of 80,000,000 USD, the construction process will be completed within the next one year. Consequently, stated the representative this will help china achieve its goal in uniting the world in market, pointing that the project will play a major role in creating job opportunities for more than 3,000 people.

Ethiopian National affairs consultant of the Prime Minster Ato Tadesse Haile, after pointing that the relationship between Ethiopia and China in the market sector is growing time to time, stated that WNTF, which is largest company in Beijing, has not only created job opportunities for Ethiopian citizens but also will bring a better result in the textile sector while investing in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Industry Cooperation Commissioner, Ato Ftisum Arega, in his part, stated that the establishment of this huge factory in Dire Dawa has a great part as to fulfill the objective of making Ethiopia the leading industry center of Africa by the year 2025. He added that the government will do its best to support the factory.

According to Dire Dawa Administration Mayor, Ato Ibrahim Osman, the establishment of this factory in Dire Dawa will fasten the industrial transition and create job opportunity to numerous citizens as well.

Ato Ibrahim Osman added that the administration will give any possible support as to make Dire Dawa the Eastern Industry Center, to facilitate the construction of Industry Park and furthermore, to help other huge factories constructed in Dire Dawa. It was also said that the total completion of the WNTF, is expected to create job opportunities for more than 3,000 citizens. 

Emphasis has to be given for the fulfillment of projects

The Aseliso Cluster office construction project which is being carried out with an expense of 6,000,000 birr is one of the various projects being constructed by the Dire Dawa Administration. Though the project had to be completed and being handed over to the office in November 2010 (E.C), having conducted a field survey, the law, justice and good administration affairs main committee of the Dire Dawa Administration Council, pointed that the project failed to be completed according to the deal they had made


The owner and manager of the construction, Ato Dereje Kebede stated that the construction work was late due to constraints such as issues related to payment and water problem.

w/ro Yeshi Firomsa is a dweller in the Aseliso Cluster and is one of the people who have been provided with a job in the project. She stated that the project has helped her to administer 6 children. Another beneficiary of the project, Ato Habtamu Zeleke, pointed that the income from the project has not only helped him support his family but also made him a skilled person.

The project manager Ato Dereje explained that they are doing their best in order to complete the construction until the coming April. Since its on time completion will currently safe the housing expense of the Aseliso Cluster.

The contractor of the construction project and the representatives of the public service human resource development bureau to get their briefed the main committee that due to the lateness of the design review of the start of the construction, the kayzen management institute which had begun construction with a capital of 170,000,000 birr in Kebele 01, could not have reached a level as expected. 

A plan to reduce 3.7% of the bareness of land through the Natural Resource Conservation

The Dire Dawa Administration Agriculture Water Mineral and Energy Head of Bureau Ato Nuredin Abdella stated that the 7th round Dire Dawa Administration soil and water conservation work will be started by the end of January. 


Ato Nuredin pointed that due to the various natural resource conservation duties performed during the past 6 years, a lot has been done as to safe the farmyards of the animal rarers from being washed away by flood, to help undergoing water become abundant, to increase the number of live stocks and soil and water conservation works on more than 30,000 hectares of land as well.

The natural resource conservation duties carried out during the past 6 years, according to Ato Nuredin, were estimated to be over 290,000,000 birr. Consequently, it was able to reduce the bareness of land by 31.4%.

Ato Nuredin further disclosed that, through the natural resource conservation work being undertaken in the Administration for the 7th time, it has been planned to reduce the bareness of the land by 3.7% and to fertilize 3745 hectares of land.

As noted by Ato Nuredin, sketching a plan that might strengthen the development armies in country side, participate the communities as well as take the problems of the societies into consideration has been the major prior agenda.

Finally, Ato Nuredin forwarded a message that the society and all concerned bodies need to contribute their shares and the media to play its role at the sides of mobilizing the society. 

Flood protection project should be done before the coming summer

The law, justice and good governance affairs main committee of the Dire Dawa Administration council conducted a field survey on the work accomplishment of the mid the fiscal year. During the survey, the main committee noticed that the incompletion of the previously launched flood project of the Kalicha Police Station and the cracking of its buildings. Consequently, the committee forwarded a message that the project has to be done before the coming summer.


Head of the Kalicha police station inspector Sabit Mohamed, stated that the project was freezed while the flood protection task was being carried out with full collaboration from the staff with the budget allocated to solve the problems of the buildings.

The chairman of the law, justice and good governance affairs main committee, Ato Dechas Usmail, said that since the project had no budget, it was planned to perform the task collaborating the community. He further pointed that the issue has to be taken into consideration and emphasis as to complete the work before the summer by allocating the necessary budget for labor powers and helping the community cooperate.

The main committee, during a field survey of the building construction project of the Biyo Awale Cluster office, noticed that though the construction has not been accomplished and submitted within the allotted time, it is currently in good condition. Thus, according to the committee, the construction project of the Biyo Awale Cluster office, noticed that through the construction has not been accomplished and submitted within the allotted time, it is currently in good condition. Thus, according to the committee, the construction should be supplied with all the necessary material support in order to reach completion in no time and start providing its services to the community. 

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