Rural kebels has to work earnestly for job creation

It is indicated that attention has to be given to benefit youths in rural kebeles using the revolving funds

Our country has wide range of humancapital, fertile land natural resource and job opportunities.The activity performed  to eradicate poverty  prove that higher achievement as we have used  polices and strategies  that ensure development and benefits .The result achieved proved that how our country can resisted the drought occurred  in  2016.


The government has allocated 10 billion birr. Unemployed Youth with the age of 18-35 willautomatically benefit from the opportunity

For the dire Dawa Administration unemployed youth in urban and rural 55 million birris allocated

However, before the youth   use the funds directly ,they have to be organized in association ,saving 10% and  full fill other criteria’s as pre this regards awareness creation has been done for the higher officials,professional and youths who are going to be benefitted  from the funds

Ministry of Agriculture and natural resource held awareness creation forum   at DireDawacity  on rural  job opportunity creation strategies

Mr.Seleshi Bekele, Senior officer at Ministry of Agriculture and natural resource stated that rural job opportunity creation strategies has been prepared by different concerned bodies jointly and now ratified by council of minister to be implemented in all region city administration and rural areas

Further, he said that it is believedthat the professional as well as theofficials play their role for the implementation of the        strategies at rural areas

Job opportunity creation depends on the countries political, economical, and social condition we have to crate job opportunity for youths, so youths in rural shall be benefited, He noticed

The mayor urgedethicalconductsof civil servant to be respected

The public service week celebrated in the administration for the 11th times with different events.

At the closing ceremony of the public service week, sectors,kebeles,health center and schools   has been  recognized and awarded for  their performance  in development, good governance  and  reform works


Accordingto their performance, Dire Dawa Administration Government communication affair bureau,Dire Dawa Administration Finance and economic developmentbureau andDire DawaAdministration Health bureau ranked 1-3 respectively

The public service week, which was celebrated with the theme of ‘ethical public service for Ethiopia renaissance’

Closing  the ceremony  ,Mayor of the Dire dawa administration Ibrahim Ousman said that the public servant  played  significant role for the  improvement of rural development, infrastructure, education, health and other social service, but he noticed that there is still some limitation  in procedure, structure and skill

He also indicated that the administration is working earnestly to solve transportation and home problems as it is not implemented as planned

Public servants have taken part in realizing the achievements at national level over the last 25 years, the mayor noted.

Despite such praiseworthy services, the public has continued to voice lack of good governance due to the fact that they have not been provided with adequate services expected from public servants who are assigned to deliver their services respecting code of conduct. The day to be celebrated with ethical principle is appropriate, the mayor stressed

Dire DawaAdminstration public service and human resource development bureau head, Harbe Buh on his part, disclosed that for the past two years   more than 20 codes and directive has been put in to practice   for streamlining work procedure and to respect the rights and benefits of the public servant

In his message, the public servant shall give attention for practicing the code of conduct.

The participant of the ceremony, suggest that the evaluation made among the institution helped them to know their position verywell andto getprepared to perform their activity effectively and efficiently  

International environment day celebrated with different events

The environment day celebrated in Gendegeradaschool. The day was marked in the school as everything begins in the school  and to let students to have better knowledge about environment protection care and sanitary


MrAbduselmMohammed,DireDawa Administration Education Bureau said that  we should carry out  many activities  to protect  the negative  effect on the environment due to the emission carbon wastes from industries. He also noted that in the administration  many efforts  are  made to protect  and care  the environment,to strengthen the efforts  awareness creation  is very essential  and that is why  the day  is celebrated  in the school

Mr,DawitAbiti, Dire Dawa Administration environment, forest and climate change Authority Representative on his part, stated that they are using print and electronic media to raise the awareness of the community on environment protection and care sanitary

On the Day, MrKindeTolessa Director of Gendegerda Primary School disclose that the school has outstanding performance on environment development, care and sanitation

He further stated that the school has performed better  by planting and caring  indigenous  trees with  the participation  of the teachers, parents committee and stake holders

It was learnt that answer and question competition as well as poem were staged the day

Wrapping the events, trees were planted by the honorable guests and participant of the events  

Dire Dawa University graduated 2899 students

Dire  dawa university  launched its program in 2007 with ,17 faculties and 13 first degree programs, 750 students 90 teachers and 101  supporting staff  currently by developing its enrollment capacity The university graduated 2899 students in various fields of study


The graduation was colorful with the presence of theDr Samuel Kifele, vice minster of education,Mayor of  DireDawa Administration Ibrahim Ousman Dr. YitbarekGetache,DireDawa University Acadamic vice president, Professor ChemedafoyessaHaromaya university president, Dire DawaAdministration’s official, graduates, families as well as friends of graduates.

Addressing the graduates, Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration Ibrahim Usman urged the graduates of the university to exert their unreserved effort as well as knowledge for their fellow citizens with determination and ethics.

Mayor Ibrahim Usman also acknowledged that the university in its level best efforts to produce well-educated manpower as well as making great contribution in the realization of the Administration’s industrial park construction drive over the last few years

Taking this opportunity, Mayor Ibrahim Usman noted that as the former experiences, the government is always ready to support those who are interested to work.

Dr. GirmaGoro, the president of the university, in his part recalled that commencing its training as an institute, the university has enrolled only 774 students.

According to him, the university has so far graduated over 16,000 students in different disciplines through regular and summer programmers. The university, he also explained, is working aggressively to open about ten postgraduate programs as well as develop additional teaching buildings, workshops, laboratories and TVET centre on 250 hectares. In his final message, Dr, Girma also stressed that the university is highly committed to elevate the ongoing fast economic development and industrialization process which are the government’s prominent strategy.

It was learnt that gold medals were awarded to those who register remarkable academic performance. 

African children day celebrated colorfully

African children day celebrated for the 27thtimes internationallyand 26thtimes at national level with the theme of ‘the contribution of all stake holders is the key to support children’s under difficult circumstances’


Dire dawa Administration and children affair bureau marked the day colorfully with different events

The day celebrated every year on June 16in memory   of students uprising in Soweto South Africa during which students marched to protest were massacred by the apartheid reign

On the occasion, Mr.  Abdujewad Mohammed , social sector advisor of the dire dawa mayor   said that  to solve the problem of the  orphanage  and  vulnerable children ,we need to create sense of ownership  among the community  to use  the alternative  prepared  for children care and support .

Further, he noticed that activities  started to support and care children who are vulnerable  has to be strengthen by preventing them from displacement of their living area. Culture, language and belief

MrAbdulfetha Mohammed, Dire dawa Administration and children affair bureau children development and safety core process owner, on his part stated that the office is working jointly with non-governmental aid organization.

He also noted manifold efforts are made for the well-being of the vulnerable children by giving special attention to consignee family and local adoption.

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