Kulayu Kebele on Election

merechaIn cluster Jeldessa under Kulayu rural kebele residents has registered and secured their voter’s for the up coming general national election.
Ato Abdurahman Ali, among the kebele villagers, told especially to the Dire Dawa government communication affairs that having the voter’s card at hand really give anybody a guarantee for

the free will of choosing hi/her party. With this regard, in empowering women, in particular, and increasing the participation of all eligible citizens’ remains very essential, they’ve reached a common understanding. 
Kulayu kebele registration poll coordinator, Ato Biris Adem, declares that people are aware of the usefulness of election card to determine the political party that best serve their interest and he reassures this, in one or the other, indicates that EPRDF openly offers public a free-wheeling political landscape.

Youth’s contribution on Natural Conservation Program

wetatocheAsseliso cluster kebele youths are vowed to contribute their lion share in the very sustainability of natural resources at a country level. Animal husbandry, beekeeping on the basis of cooperation and partnership are amongst the activities practiced by youths, say, Asseliso cluster kebele residents.

Associations are keep giving their thorough endeavor for the preservation of natural resources by the joint development work forces and by the technical and material support by the adminstration, w/ro Muluka Muhammed , coordinator in this kebele, stressed.
Adegafelema rural kebele under Asseliso cluster youths are thriving to double the natural resource as it were before, she further explained

Melka-kero Communities on Irrigation

AnmialllJeldessa cluster Melka-kero rural communities are increasing product and productivity by their hard working move on irrigation.
On the basis of previous 3 years of soil and watershed management programs they are gaining a concrete development changes; and they are working day and night for the

sustainability of their natural resources. Abdusemed Haroon, prominent farmer in Melka-kero rural kebele, said “with no doubt last 3 years of natural preservation campaigns have brought a mass role on today. ‘’ After the preparation of above five ponds by joint community collaboration, a hectare starts to bear up to 15 quintals, which was last years more than a double growth gained per hectare.’’ 
Agricultural extension trainers play a huge role in this respect, Muhammed Mussa, vanguard praised farmer, by giving a consistent agricultural development education for the surrounding population. Above eighty kilometer terracing and 150 terrain system activities was planned institutionally to be implemented and kebele communities are marched on land tenure and tilling land preparation system.

Agricultural Extension Personnel Working with Farmers

anmilaGeldessa cluster Mudi Aneno rural kebele farmers are gaining a multifaceted economic advantage from extension educators at the 4th round integrated soil and watershed community based management program.
Agricultural innovation system coupled with animal husbandry obtained a free vaccination for their cattle and chemical spray for their crop are among the tangible practices conveyed by the respective organized extension workers.

The applications of scientific research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education have been practiced in the last consecutive years of natural resource conservation campaigns in all 38 rural kebeles. The field of 'extension' now encompasses a wider range of communication and learning activities organized for rural people by educators from different disciplines, including agriculture, agricultural marketing, health, and business studies, and others as well.
Agricultural extension agencies in Dire Dawa administration kebeles are gaining a momentum this day basically because of agricultural extension an expert are disseminated in every destination and delivers a home- to- home service, Unis community villager Ato Hassen Ousman, said.
Ousmael Worsmei (PhD), who is the animal’s regional laboratory chief expert in the Administration’s Agriculture Bureau, “the role of extension workers besides with farmers day to day activity is ultimately important they delivers educational programs to assist people in economic and community development, leadership, family issues, agriculture and environment ;hence, dramatic change in animals health is proved,” he witnessed.
These extension specialists and/or veterinarian are highly devoted for giving a treatment even of diseases that people can get from cattle.

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