Encouraging change registered regarding mother and infant mortality due to the main fold activity performed in the past years

  • Healthy  mother month day  celebrated in Dire Dawa Administration

Dire Dawa health bureau has been working aggressively to make health service accessible to the community specially prioritizing the improvement of mother and infant health service.


To trained health professional, engage them to the job, full filing the necessary inputs to the health institution   are the main fold activities which played a great role to improve the delivery service coverage in health institution

The day celebrated with the main theme “we deliver health service for mothers and infants with humanity, care and dignity”

During the occasion,Mrs.MeseluAtinafe case team coordinator   of mother and infant health development case team in the  health  bureau  disclosed that  regarding  minimizing mother and infant mortality  and  provide  accessible service the  bureau is working aggressively  by producing  health professional ,establishing health   institution, full filing  the  inputs  for the institution office, to train health professional and door to door  follow up  activities

Health professional and heads of health center who were the attendant also statedthat the supervision and support activities provided to urban, rural cluster health center recently played a significant role in reducing mother and infant mortality

On the day, recognition certificate was awarded to health professional for their outstanding professional performance on mother and infant health service

Cooperative union plays a significant role to develop saving practice and preventing inflation

Five decades have gone since the activity of modern cooperative union has been started. Cooperative union has marked a significant role for fast economic grow and development of the country as they help various sector of the society to ease their economic and social problems.


The day was celebrate for 5th times in Dire Dawa Administration with the theme of ‘cooperativeunion ensure no one is left’In fact the day was celebrated 92th times and 9th times respectively at international and national level

The honorable guest of the day  Mr. Ibrahim Ousman  mayor of the dire dawa administration  disclose that  cooperative union have  a significant role  to change  the life of the semi pastoralist   by supplying product inputs to them , which improve productivity ,provide  better market price, encourage saving at rural and urban, supply basic consumption  item with  fair price

Adding the mayor stated that Dire Dawa city administration has given special attention to the sector as it is conclusive and prioritized activity

More than 71,000 cooperative union has been found in Ethiopia .To mention  Netsant Fana saving and credit cooperative union was established  on 2005  in SNNP region gurage zone  of butajira   with working capital of  51,000 birr  currently the union has recorded more than 65 million birr. The manager of the union Mr. Yohannes Gelaw said that the unionawarded differentprizes for their service delivered to the poorest people to be benefited and change their life and avoid pawnbroker

During the occasion, MrGebeyehuTilahunDire Dawa city Administration cooperativeunion organizing, expansion, input and exchange agency manager said that there is high awareness gap on the cooperative union found in the administration.Further, he added that so to tackle the problem and support the cooperative the agency is working aggressively bydoing awareness creation, by giving training and performing manifold activities

Youth voluntary service was kicked off

At the 2009 Ethiopian fiscal year winter youth voluntary service launching ceremony held a couple of week ago, same of the youths underlined that youth voluntarism symbolizes a true Ethiopian citizenship.


Youth Efrem Girmay, Deputy President of Dire Dawa Youth Federation stressed that voluntary service is not an occasional but a day to day activities for, particularly, youth.

Taking this opportunity, he urged the youth to work hard with maximum potential possible in the pursuance of the current voluntary activity program.

In the launching ceremony, it was mentioned that about 13,000 youth reside in urban and rural kebele of the Administration are expected to take part as well as volunteered in blood donation, water and soil preservation, aged persons and other activities.


Modern city street addressing system to be launched

Ministry of Urban and housing development disclosed that Modern city street addressing system to be launched

On their own initiation some cities practice the system in disorganized way but thenewly designed system will enable to ensue with modernized and consistent way


Mr.Yared Teshome, land information gathering renewing and organizing director in the ministry integrated Land project office said that the absence of Modern city street addressing system is the key problem of the land sector

To resolve  the problem in the land sector, in the coming year consistent Modern city street addressing system will be kickoff  in Mekele,BahirDar, Adama,  Harar and Hawasa cities and  the system will be expanded  to 23 cities based on the experience  gained

As ENA report indicted that Modern city street addressing system enable to use street informationto move from one place to another place to deliver services door to door easily 

Delegates commend Adm’n effort in education dev’t

Recently a six- group which consists of the representatives drawn from Ministry of Education, House of the People’s Representative and Teachers’ Association had paid a field visit aimed at accessing the implementation of the 5th National Education Strategic Plan at national level.


Dr. Tilaye Gete, Head of Education Sector with the Rank of Minister D’état in the Ministry of Education, who also led the delegates arrived in the Administration, had visited the primary and secondary schools found in urban and rural. In addition, witnessed the Administration’s overwhelming move for education development.

Wrapping up his visit, Dr. Tilaye Gete recommended possible solutions to major shortcomings witnessed so far. He as well urged the Administration together with the school communities and the pertinent stakeholders to contribute their unreserved efforts in realizing the national education development.

During a field visit, limitations in women leader ship, special and adult educations as well as shortage of textbooks, among others, were mentioned as major bottlenecks for educational development, the journalist learnt.


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