Bureau working to eradicate polio infection

Dire Dawa Administration Bureau of Health noted that the Bureau is working aggressively to eradicate polio, an infectious disease that can causes paralysis, from the Administration with a view to position the Administration free of polio.


The Bureau early last week held an awareness creation training for school directors as well as media practitioners on the prevalence and strengthening the public participation in marching against polio.

During the awareness creation training, Deputy Head of Health Bureau Yusuf Seid said that stakeholder role is believed to be crucial in raising the residents’ mindset towards the disease as well as persuading them to discharge responsibilities through letting the children’s ages range from 4 to 6 to be vaccinated by ongoing polio vaccination campaign.

 He also used the opportunity to call upon the media practitioners to play due role in the drive to full eradication of polio from the Administration.


Office says working to curb roadside constriction problems

Dire Dawa City Manager Office early last week announced that the Office in collaboration with the pertinent infrastructure institutes is taking integrated corrective measures to curb the roadside construction problems on which often complain.


Indicating that the consultative meeting is a part of feedback mechanism, the Manager of Dire Dawa City Manager Office Abduselam Mohammed stressed that all professionals including the Telecommunication, Electric and Power Authority, Water and Sewage Office, among other, have to carry out the activities integrated with the common plans. He added: «Apart from working with high level officials of the pertinent bodies, active and meaningful participation of the residents in the efforts to curb the roadside construction problems. Thus, he called for working hard in glove with the residents at large.»

Hussen Mohammed, Head of Infrastructure Development Core Process, in his part elaborated that under the leader ship of the Core Process, a Board which brought together all stakeholders to meet key issues of curbing the roadside construction problems with special emphasize. He also expressed his hope problems that this Board helps to implement proper infrastructures.

Lauding the Office commitment, the participants, who the journalist approached, expressed their readiness to work with the Office now more than ever.


Morocco to undertake Fertilizer Company costs 3.7 bln. USD

Following the king VI of Morocco official visit to Ethiopia, a high-level investors held discussion with Deputy Mayor and Head of Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau Abdujebar Abdusemed and received briefings by Head of Domestic and International Public Relation Department Amanuel Fesseha on the investment potentials of the Administration early last week.

DSC 4720

Appreciating the investment potentials of the Administration, the Moroccan investors had paid a visit to the industrial part constructed in Dire Dawa. Based on the visit, the Moroccan investor’s delegation expressed their deep interests to engage in the construction of dry-port as well as hotel industry including the fertilizer company.

Accordingly, representing the Dire Dawa Administration Abdujebar Abdusemed and the high-level Moroccan investor’s delegation inked an agreement founding a fertilize company in Dire Dawa with cost of 3.7 billion USD.

At the ceremony of agreement, Abdujebar Abdusemed said that while this fertilize company goes operational, it will creat over 50,000 job opportunities for youths of Dire Dawa. And also it is expected to play due role in realizing Dire Dawa to be the centerpiece of trade, industry as well as investment of the eastern parts of the nation.

It was learnt that by the 2022 the first phase of construction will have begin as well as it is expected that to meet the nation’s fertilizer demand while it is launching with its full capacity by 2025 Ethiopian calendar.


Preparation underway to launch youth voluntary Service

A consultative meeting was organized by Dire Dawa Administration Sport and Youth Bureau early last week for leaders of youth associations and pertinent stakeholders aimed at evaluating the just concluded Ethiopian budget year performance of the summer voluntary services as well as deliberating the current budget year plan.    


During the meeting, the participants have discussed thoroughly. In addition, they explicitly stated that the drawbacks of the last year performance as well as forwarded their opinions on the current year plan how to register remarkable results than ever before. In the pursuance of the current year plan of summer voluntary services, they vow to work hard with maximum potential possible.

Fuad Abdulla, Head of Youth Development and Empowerment Core Process in the Sport and Youth Bureau, who chaired the meeting, indicated that the youths themselves have been mistaken in executing the activities with full responsibility. Taking this bottleneck into account, he urged the participants to make every effort in addressing existing shortcoming, and then bring changes real for themselves in particular and for the nation in general.

Deputy President of Dire Dawa Youth Federation, Eferam Girma on his part said «Appreciating the youth role in voluntary services, he assured that the Federation is working aggressively to conduct successive awareness raising education programs for student which could contain them from HIV/AIDS and drug vulnerability as well as enhancing citizen ethics.»

Inthe meeting, it was mentioned that about 13,000 youth reside in rural and urban kebeles of the Administration are expect to take part in voluntary services in the current budget year.


DDU deliberates more than 80 community driven researches

Recently, Dire Dawa University (DDU) organized a day-long deliberation meeting in which scholars from various field of studies took part aimed at evaluating more than 80 community driven thematic areas of researches.

DSC 0280

Speaking at the meeting, the President of Dire Dawa University Dr. Girma Goro said that these community based researches are designed critically to enhance the national industrial and a agricultural growth. And 4 million Ethiopian Birr has been allocated by the government for community driven researches, Dr.Girma Goro added.

He as well stressed that the research findings should reached at all levels of the pertinent bodies and addressed the major challenges of the community as well as creating the job opportunities for women and youths.

Mulu Solomon, the first Women President of Ethiopian Trade Chamber, who happened to share her experience, has made a key remark which emboldened the participants to undertake research activities that solve the community’s challenges they face as well as create job opportunities.


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