MHSC said instrumental to curb maternal, infant mortality

Recently, the Dire Dawa Administration Heath Bureau’s members of the Management Committee had paid visit to Chiremiti and Gebba Anenno rural kebele of Jeldessa Cluster health centers to witness the construction of Maternal Health Service Centers (MHSC) projects cost over 240,000 Birr.

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Sa’eda Addosh, mother 5, is resident of Chiremiti. She told journalist: “MHSCs have highly reduced the die of mothers in delivery case in the kebele. In my view, no mother thinks to deliver at home because at present we all women single out the advantages of the centers and lauded the Administration commitments.”

Responding the residents, questions, Head of Health Bureau Dr. Muluqen Argaw said that the Bureau is working aggressively to address the problems of proficiency as well as shortage of medicines. He as well assured that in the near future all the rural mother residents will have an access to the Maternal Health Service Centre so as to no single mother die of delivery case.

Seizing this opportunity, Dr. Muluqen Argaw urged the mothers to deliver in clinic and save their and newborn priceless lives.  


Minister: ensuring good governance needs stern commitment

A three-day national discussion forum early last week held here in Dire Dawa in which Heads of Public Service and Human Resource Development Bureau drawn from Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa, Federal and Regional States aimed at evaluating the performance of the just concluded Ethiopian budget year as well as deliberating on the current fiscal year plan.

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Addressing the forum, Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development Ministry Tagesse Chafo said that ensuring the peoples’ good governance demands at national level is not only a timely issue it is quiet crucial.

He added: “While chairing the forum, the sector is working to realize good governance and curb the rent-seeking sentiments as well as activities via forming well-structured the change-armies in the sector from Federal and Regional levels despite daunting.”

He as well explained that as part of the government’s reform of the sector, it is undertaking the project which comprises modernizing the sector, maintain information in proper manner as well as job evaluation and grading, moreover; salary increment as promised early the current year,

Therefore, in his final message, the leaders and civil servants at every administrative layer have to work hard to realize good governance in order to meet the growing demands of the peoples.

During the discussion thorough debate has been made and the participants reiterate to exert their efforts in combating good governance grievances and rent-seeking.

Wrapping up the forum, Mekele was elected to host the next national discussion forum, the journalist learnt.    


Air Djibouti launches flight to Dire Dawa

The first Djibouti passenger aircraft know by dash four Hundred 737 has arrived early last week at Dire Dawa International Airport with the country’s top government officials including cabin crews as well as administrative staffs.

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Meanwhile, the Air Djibouti guests have been welcomed on arrival at the airport by the Mayor of the Administration Ibrahim Usman including cabinet members, religious fathers of various denominations, elders as well as residents.

In his welcoming speech, Mayor Ibrahim Usman said that today marks a new dawn for Dire Dawa Administration and the sister country, Djibouti, to widen trade, tourism as well as the age-long unshakable unity of the peoples of the two neighboring countries. He also added: “The launching Air Djibouti flight to Dire Dawa will play a key role to accelerate the growth of investment and trade sectors as well as creates vast job opportunities.”

Head of Air Djibouti Branch Office in Ethiopia Daniel Webeshet in his part announced the dawn of Air Djibouti which conducts four flights in a week to Dire Dawa. He as well said: “It is crucial to strengthen the Dire Dawa and Djibouti integrity, even widen both countries’ peoples the so far historic relationship. In addition, the launched air transport will play detrimental role in stepping up the trade sector and diplomatic relationship of the countries now more than ever before.” Seizing this occasion, he lauded all those who have contributed to the success of the extension plan of the Air Djibouti.

The General Canceller of Djibouti Consul Office resides in Dire Dawa Adem Musa in his part stressed that the railway and road transportations in addition to the airline will advance the mutual benefits of the two countries.

By the way of conclusion, Mayor Ibrahim inaugurated the newly opened Air Djibouti Branch Office built in Dire Dawa International Airport.  


Call for national unity based on mutual benefits

The 11th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNP) Day was celebrated in Harar themed: “Our Constitution for Democratic Unity and Renaissance,” in the presence of the top government officials, honor guests of foreign ministers and tourists, religious father of various denominations, elders as well as peoples drawn from every corners of the country and other pertinent stakeholders on December 8,2016.

ፎቶ ፋይል

At a celebration ceremony held at Abadir Stadium, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn accentuated that all should exert concerted effort to strengthen national unity based on mutual benefits. He also added that avoiding the existing wrong thinking, all should stay vigilant to Constitutional order as well as promotes the so far gained changes and development.

Yalew Abate, the Speaker of House of Federation, in his part stressed that the Day is not marked to vigil the Constitutional orders and the fruits of Federation, but also to renew our commitment to sustain the so far gained developments and the renaissance of the nation.

Harari National State President also said the Day will contribute to enhance the development of the region, makes Harar the destination of tourism as well as center of trade. Taking this opportunity, he stressed that Harari National Regional State pledge to work hard to ensure the renaissance of the nation together with other Regional States.

In the celebration, representatives of NNP displayed their respective cultural show in their unique traditional attires, ornaments and customs. The representatives also added color to the celebration playing traditional musical instruments.

Accordingly, Afar was selected to host the 12th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day.


DDBO-DARA wins trophy for 2nd consecutive years

Dire Dawa Branch Office of Documents Authentication and Registration Agency (DDBO-DARA) has won trophy for the second consecutive years


At a trophy delivering ceremony held recently, the Manager of Dire Dawa Branch Office with Federal Office of Document Authentication and Registration Leul Mesfine said that the Branch Office is working strenuously to meet the Administration’s resident needs as well as exerting its unreserved effort to upgrade and broaden quality of service delivery.

He further noted that the Branch Office has won trophy for remarkable implementation of good governance and effective reform program put the Branch Office in the leading position compared with other fourteen branch offices which are running on the same track at national level.

He as well announced that the Branch Office has gave recognition and prizes to six employees who registered best results. Taking this opportunity, Leul Mesfine lauded the employees in the so far gained awards as well as called upon the employees to sustain the Branch Office spearheading position now more than ever.

Receiving the trophy, the Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration Ibrahim Usman appreciated the Branch Office and its employees as a whole. He also said: “The Administration is highly honored for this recognition by the Federal Office of Document Authentication and Registration, for the second consecutive years. In his final message, he urged the Branch Office employees to keep up their records and other sectors to take the imprint of the Branch Office, as well.”

The awarded employees of the Dire Dawa Branch Office whom journalist approached said: “Expressing their happiness being awarded, they vowed to work earnestly to surpass customers’ expectations.”  


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