Call for increased youth efforts to ensure national vision

Youth Mobilization Forum was jointly organized by Dire Dawa Youth and Sport Commission and Ministry of Youth and Sport in connection with the 11th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNP) Day here in Dire Dawa city.


Addressing the forum held ahead of the 11th NNP Day, the Speaker of the Administration Council Abdella Ahemed stressed that the Day is being marked annually by virtue of it is a unique date that realized the nation, nationalities and peoples’ demands through the Federal Constitution as well as leveled ground for the present renaissance journey of the country.

The Administration Commissioner of Youth and Sport kedir Juhar in his part noted that Ethiopia is registering remarkable development through advancing the equality of the nations, nationalities and peoples at all levels. Seizing this opportunity, the Commissioner called upon the youth to exert their unreserved effort to realize the vision of the nation ever than before.

During the forum, a paper entitled: “The Role of Ethiopian Youth While Implementing Democratic Unity and Principles,” was presented by the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport as well as thoroughly deliberated on it.

The participants of the forum, at the conclusion of the ceremony, expressed their belief that celebrating the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is a central piece for bridging our differences and strengthening our unity as well as tolerance values.


DDU celebrates NNP Day meaningfully

Dire Dawa  University  (DDU) was being marked the 11th  Nations, Nationality and Peoples’ (NNP) Day under the theme: «Our Constriction for Our Democratic Unity and Renaissance,» with displaying the nations, nationalities and peoples’ national costumes, styles of livings, cultural dancing, question-answer program as well as panel discussion, among anthers.


Speaking at a two-day ceremony to mark the Day, the President of Dire Dawa University Dr. Girma Goro noted  that the students have to renew commitment to sustain the nations, nationalities and peoples’ rights as well as equality of languages, religions,  cultures and sex now more than ever.

Taking this opportunity, Dr Girma Goro called upon the students to advance the age-old unity and coexistence of the nations, nationalities and peoples’ values at all levels.

The students whom Journalist approached said that celebrating the Day crates a good opportunity to share various cultures among them as well as promote culture of tolerance and accommodate diversity in the university.

The teachers and administrative employees who took part in the ceremony expressed that the Day would creates conducive ground to enhance tolerance and coexistence via accommodating our diversity in unity.


Global Hand Washing Day marked

Recently, the International Hand Washing Day was celebrated for the 9th time at national level while 10th time worldwide under the theme: «Make Hand washing a Habit,» with more achievements. Celebrating the Day is targeted to raise awareness and foster the practice of hand washing.


Speaking at an event organized to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day here in Dire Dawa City, the Coordinator of Wan Program with Dire Dawa Administration Health Bureau Abebe Kasahun stressed that celebrating the Day is a unique opportunity to reduce water prone contaminated diseases, save lives as well as to encourage the residents in general and school communities particularly to wash their hands with soap at critical time.

Approached by journalist, some participants of the event expressed that they determined to insist on washing hands with soap before cooking food, eating and breast feeding as well as after defecation, among anthers.

 It was observed that students and teachers drawn from different schools, representatives of the communities and pertinent stake holds took part in the events, including marked the Day with washing hands.


NNP Day celebrated with panel

The panel discussion was organized ahead of the celebration of 11th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NND) Day held at the Administration’s Council Hall in the presence of officials at different layers of the Administration hierarchy as well as pertinent stockholders.


Addressing the panel discussion to mark the Day with the theme: “Our Constitution for Our democratic Unity and Renaissance,” held on October 3, 2016, the Mayor of the Administration Ibrahim Usman accentuated that the Day is celebrated to honor the martyrs, the beacon light of our freedoms and renew our commitment to uphold the Federal Constitution as well as accelerate the renaissance journey of the nation through the nations, nationalities and peoples’ unreserved and united efforts.

At a panel discussion held as part of the celebration of the Day, Amanuel Fisseha, the Head of Domestic and International Affairs Department, presented a paper entitled: “Multinational for Holding Ethiopia Together”.

In his presentation, Amanuel Fisseha elaborated that the background, aims and significances of federalism as well as democracy. He also noted፡ “Both are successfully met the age-old demands of nations, multinational and peoples in the history of the country.”

After the thorough discussion, some participants expressed that the panel helped to aware them about the true picture of the country and pledged to ward off challenges facing the nation as well as sustain renaissance with the maximum potential possible.

During the panel discussion, the Dire Dawa Millennium Band was being staged interesting nations and nationalities cultural songs and dances, the journalist learnt.


League says working to enhance youth participation, benefits

Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPDRF) Youth League Dire Dawa Branch jointly with the Administration Youth and Sport Commission organized a two-day consultative meeting late last month aimed at deliberating on last fiscal year performance as well as its current plan.


At the consultative meeting in which representatives drawn from all urban and rural kebeles youth organization took part, Head of Dire Dawa Youth League Office Micheal Endale expressed boldly that his Office is earnestly working to meet the youth demands as well as enhance youth participation and benefits. He added: “Appreciating the initiative of the government to retrieve youth grievances, the youths themselves must play due role in the drive to curb the deep rooted socio-economic problems.”

In his final message, Michael Endale noted that as the youths hold keys to ending all possible drawbacks, they should uphold the age-old coexistence and peace values of the nation as well as distance themselves from anti-peace moves.

Based on the discussion, it was learnt that the youth organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dire Dawa Administration Youth and Sport Commission to curb problems facing youth in the current budget year.


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