Lucy College graduated 847 students

One of the early private higher education institutions Lucy College graduated 538 students in first degree and trained 309 students of 4th rank in different fields of study .


The vice president of the college mrs ,Mekdes Mehari who opened the decorated graduation ceremony reported that the collage educated more than 15 thousand students until this year in different departments. and the graduates are contributing to development of the city and the nation .

She added , the college is preparing to provide more training services on additional fields to satisfy the future demand.

The college also provided education material support for 100 students of <Hedasse> primary school who are members of poor families in kebele 04. The representative of the kebele received the provided support.

Some graduates expressed their readiness to serve their nation in their field of study.

Artist and activist Tamagn Beyene welcomed in Dire Dawa

Artist and activist tamagn beyene got warm welcome by the community, stalk holders and government officials administration at Dire Dawa international airport.

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On the welcome ceremony mayor of Dire dawa, Ebrahim Usman said, activist TAmagn contributed significantly to the existing change to come through his advocators or human and democratic rights, and promoting Ethiopianism for the past many years.

Tamagn Beyene, the activist on his side displayed his greeting to the warm welcome addressing that the people should adopt tolerance to resolve differences and strive for development and unity of the nation.

The activist visited some development projects of the city specially the new railway station and industry park.

The supporters (community) of the activist also forwarded their warm welcome and said that they were pleased to have activist Tamagn in their city .

Voluntarism mobilized the youth again

More than 350 youth spent their summer time on different voluntary activities last week in Dire dawa .


This 10th round youth voluntary service in summer mobilized under slogan “sustainable peace for the wellbeing of youth ” organized from youth volunteers &various associations like scout, universities.

The voluntary youth participated on plantation in the parks the city sanitary service such as clearing waste ditches and other voluntary actions.

Among many administration officials who witnessed the youths plantation activity , the vice mayor, mr abdella ahmed appreciated the youth concern for the environment and suggested such voluntary practices have to sustain since , the youth voluntary activity plays a big role to realize the green development which intends to deal with global warming .

On the other hand mr,Abdela assured that the … plans and willing to support such inspiring youth voluntary activities in summer.

voluntary services improve interaction among youth and helps to discourage various addiction and waste of time

Kedir Juhar president in Kebele 07 , is a young volunteered for first time said he love helping others cause It doesn’t require specific nation culture or religion and being human is enough. Jemal sadly remembered the conflict happened in the near past in dire dawa and explained that it doesn’t represent the youth he add that voluntary services improve interaction among youth and helps to discourage various addiction and waste of time .


The other volunteer from university students, a teenage girl, Bethlehem Demoze who teaches regular students in summer tells she feel pleased and promise to continue and motivate others to voluntarism.

Likely commissioner of Dire Dawa scout commission Afework Lemma said the goal of voluntarism and scout is like two sides of a coin which is why scout members were pleased to join the summer voluntary service and called the administration for more effort.

Representing Dire Dawa youth federation, the vice, president Efrem Germay on his side noted that mobilizing the youth to such voluntary service will protect them from involving in harmful practices .experience of developed nations shows strong government effort is required to transform youth potential to development.

In spite, Efrem underlined that this voluntary service being the first, not the last; invited all youth to be part of it and similarly the administration to provide sustainable effort.

Dwellers discussed on the development activities of the city.

The absence of coordination concerning the ongoing infrastructure development projects resulted negative effect.

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Dire-Dawa city municipality held discussion with city dwellers, stake holders and different community sections on the preparation of capital investment plan (CIP).The purpose is to insure the participation of the community on 2011 trilateral development plan funded by the World Bank, ULGDP and Dire-Dawa Administration. Every participant raised the priorities based on existing facts and development needs of his respective community.

Participants also commented on the 9 month accomplishment of 2010 plan that the absence of coordination resulted unqualified output, the delay of road construction and the tragic scene which one party destroys the achievement of the other.

Ato Efrem Tesfaye , Development plan coordinator ,reported that in the last 9 months the first phase of the asphalt ( road ) construction work stretching from Christian cemetery to police district has been done with 95% of the budget and the 6 KM single road around Ras hotel promoted to double. Internal road coble stone work, green development and sanitation around Dechatu river mentioned to be the major achievements of 2010 fiscal year.

Lastly, participants appreciated the accomplishment and demanded the inclusion of their priority area on the next development plan.

Likely, proposed an immediate solution for the danger that children and the elderly are facing due to open ditches, unfinished road and related constructions activities.

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